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 Export to Brazil accounts for about 1/3 of total turnover of Kant.

Our main customers in Brazil are steem-manufacturing Companies such as Usimnas, CSN, etc. Usiminas is the first steel-manufacturing company in Latin America established in 1960s. Brazilian government made it and Japanese government fully supported that project with then steel-manufacturing consortium of the same industry in Japan. Main machinery were exported to Brazil for that project and smooth supply of parts and equipment is indispensable to operate the factories of Usiminas. Steel-manufacturing industry is comprehensive industry and variety of the equipment and components are used in the factories. Big companies can't follow the small inquiries and demand practically. We are attending that kind of business as one of the authorized suppliers. We are shipping such different kinds of products as valves, pumps,cylinders, measuring machines,electronic devices, electronic components,lamps, polishers for galvanized steel, parts for refractory brick manufacturing machine.


Apart from the export business to Brazil, we also handle the following goods :
       ・ Fire Pump to Korea.
       ・ Rotary vacuum pumps to C.F.E. of Mexico.
       ・ Kasapon (automatic umbrella bagger) to Spain      

       ・ Hoses for agriculture (Mexico),  fire fighting (Indonesia),  Breathing Apparatus (Korea),

       ・ Silver ion detector  (Europe)

       ・ Abacus to Mexico




     ・ Circulation filters for spa and swimming pool  (from Europe,and USA)
     ・ Vacuum release device for swimming pool  (from USA)
     ・ Fireman's hood  (from USA)
     ・ Waste water heat recovery exchanger (from Korea)


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